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Samantha is a dedicated wellness practitioner and the proud owner of Body and Sole Suite. Beyond nurturing the body, Samantha is a fervent advocate for holistic well-being, driven by her deep passion for healing. With extensive hands-on experience encompassing muscular rejuvenation, trigger point therapy, and Muscle Energy Technique (MET), she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her work. As a seasoned professional, Samantha transcends conventional massage therapy, providing an integrated and comprehensive approach to care. Aside from her therapeutic services, she offers a variety of invigorating bath products as well as meticulously crafted body scrubs. Sam's mission goes beyond creating a serene healing space; she is committed to offering self-care products that enhance your experience. Take a step into Samantha's holistic rejuvenation world and enjoy holistic revitalization that combines mind, body, and sole.

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  Tel: 1 (301) 892-1543

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